Express City Tours Travel Services is a full service travel agency that sells goods and services, including airline tickets, cruises, hotel accommodations and travel packages. Additional services include assistance with passports, visas, and other documentation requirements, providing access to top-of-the-line equipment and supplies, and a superior offering that includes access to better than average activities and entertainment.

Express City Tours Travel Services years of valuable experience is the core of what Express City Tours Travel Services is today, a reputable, thoroughly professional firm that has the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs and trends of the travel industry. Professionalism, efficiency, and reliability are the key ingredients that made the Express City Tours’ team the best in its league today by providing the best quality service to its clienteles.


Express City Tours Travel Services seek to manage the travel requirements of your company and add value to your travel spend. We tend to focus on the customers’ requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner.


Express City Tours Travel Services’ vision is to be one of the best travel agency in the market place, creating extraordinary experiences and providing the best travel service. We are the trusted experts that our clients depend on to reduce travel complexity and ensure smart choices. We are a travel agency with global reach and a passion for what we do. Express City Tours Travel Services’ takes pride in being one of the most progressive, innovative and caring businesses in the travel industry.



  • Department of Tourism
  • Tourism Promotions Board Philippines

           LOCAL            ACCREDITATIONS

  • Philippine Travel Agencies Association
  • Philippine Tour Operators Association


  • Pacific Asia Travel Association